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14 Things Prescribed Adderall Takers Want People To Know Adhd

Before I was prescribed Adderall, the way I acted towards my friends who had it was rather ignorant. I did not understand how it could make or break their day if they forgot to take their medicine, and I certainly did not understand the drastic differences of being on or off the medication.

I knew I had issues with focus when I took the ACT and could not get myself to buckle down and read through the exam, despite the importance it had on my future college selection. It wasn’t until this summer that I finally asked my doctor to test me for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. The tests supported my hunch that something was off, and I began taking my prescribed Adderall a few days later.

Since then, the changes in my ability to focus and get my school work done have been tremendous. Additionally, my outlook has changed greatly since beginning the medicine on a prescribed basis. To myself before being diagnosed with ADHD and to those who are not educated about what it is like to be prescribed medicine for ADHD, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. We seriously would be screwed if we gave your our medicine, so please stop asking for it.

2. Seriously…it’s illegal so stop asking for it.

3. We will go to every pharmacy in town to try and get our prescription filled in the same day so we are prepared for the week to come.

4. Not all college students abuse Adderall…

5. …Some college students do abuse Adderall, however, and they are actually the worst.

6. Imagine having the worst headache ever and watching somebody who is in no pain take migraine medicine; it is pointless and you know that one pill could go a long way in somebody else’s life.

7. Many of us have tried non-medicinal alternatives to help us focus- but Adderall just so happens to work most effectively.

8. We do not want to be dependent on this medicine for our entire lives.

9. Our inability to focus is not just a “generational thing.” Give us a room with zero technology and we will find 100 ways to distract ourselves.

10. You don’t just ask for Adderall and get it- you get tested and see if it is a good fit for your personal circumstances.

11. Taking Adderall without getting tested for it could be incredibly detrimental to your health, so don’t do it.

12. If you really think you need it, get tested instead of asking your friends with prescriptions.

13. Being on Adderall can have its downsides, like being unable to consume a meal because you think you are not hungry.

14. You should not judge people who are prescribed Adderall; they simply want to focus with more clarity and be more efficient in their everyday lifestyles.

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