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22 Things To Remind Yourself When Depression Hits

It seems like the world grows more overwhelming by the minute, especially through the lens of depression.

There are some people with depression who are recovering fine or have recovered. There are others who are still suffering, especially behind closed doors.

No matter where you are with depression, there’s no doubt that the feeling of it hitting you like a giant wave freezes you in place. There are a few things to keep in mind when that happens:

  1. Try your very best not to beat yourself up.
  2. Because it’s easy to feel like a failure when you’ve worked so hard to recover from something that comes back thicker and overwhelming than ever before.
  3. But keep in mind that you’re not a failure, you’ve just fallen.
  4. And when we fall, all we have to do is get back up.
  5. It’s okay to sob it out.
  6. You will get angry at the fact that the world keeps turning and you have to go to work with a smile on your face.
  7. Because you’d rather be in bed and that’s okay.
  8. Just know that you’re not alone in this.
  9. And I know that’s a redundant phrase but when you really think about it, it’s the truth.
  10. And it’s comforting to know that there people out there like yourself who are struggling with this crazy roller coaster.
  11. Don’t give up on yourself.
  12. There are people in your life who are rooting for you even when it doesn’t feel like it.
  13. But most importantly, your joy is rooting for you, so don’t let it down.
  14. Because you may be one step closer to it.
  15. Don’t focus on how things were before depression clouded it.
  16. Because focusing on your past prevents you from moving into the future no matter how bleak it may seem.
  17. Allow your family and friends to love you.
  18. Believe it or not, you probably need that love in this numbing pain.
  19. Allow the emptiness to consume you.
  20. Because it’s good to let the pain pass through before letting it go.
  21. Remember that you have the opportunity to start fresh and live life differently.
  22. Because it’s better to look forward to a new beginning rather than rebuilding what was then.

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