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Are Your Adrenals Affecting Your Thyroid?

The adrenals are small endocrine glands sitting on top of the kidneys.  They produce a variety of hormones that affect neurotransmitters, other hormones, blood pressure, and ultimately all body processes. You may not know it, but chances are you have adrenal and thyroid problems.

The thyroid gland sits like a butterfly at the base of the throat.  Its hormones also affect every cell of the body, and it in turn is affected by neurotransmitters, diet, dental amalgam toxins and more.  It is frequently a target of auto-immune antibodies, diagnosed as Hashimoto’s or Graves Disease.  Its hormones affect metabolism, hair, fertility and more.

Imagine the adrenals as the engine of your car, and the thyroid as the accelerator pedal.  If the engine is broken, you can press the pedal all you want but you aren’t going anywhere.  Likewise, if the accelerator is broken, the greatest engine in the world cannot respond.  This creates a see-saw relationship between the thyroid and the adrenals.  If one side is too high, the other side will go low.  Or if one side is too low, it will pull the other one down to match. This is the body’s wisdom, trying to help you avoid burnout.

Adrenal and Thyroid Problems Are Often Connected

I see many clients on thyroid medication who really have an ADRENAL problem, not a thyroid problem.  One sure sign of this is when I hear:  “the thyroid meds worked great for a while but they stopped working and I had to increase my dose”.  What happened is that your adrenals have told your thyroid to SLOW DOWN because the engine is in danger of burn-out.  So the thyroid gets sluggish – the correct response while the body waits for you to get your physical or emotional stress levels under control.  By adding thyroid medication, you circumvent this, and the adrenals have to insist even more that the thyroid slow down.  Thus, higher doses of thyroid medication.

The opposite can be true too.  If your adrenals are cranked up, producing excess cortisol, your body will again suppress the thyroid to protect your valuable adrenal engine from burnout.  Neurotransmitters such as GABA and Serotonin help regulate all this too, and it is not uncommon to see clients need some form of GABA support to help regulate excess adrenaline, anxiety and stress.  (While straight GABA is available in stores, it doesn’t work very well – I prefer Passion Flower as GABA support (here it is in alcohol or glycerite tincture form)).

Here’s an excellent adrenal support product I’ve sold in my clinic for decades.  It’s designed to help rebuild the adrenals and to be taken for several months if possible.  It can also be used as needed for fatigue, as it simply makes you feel a bit better, but without stimulants.   I suggest my clients take on daily at 3 PM.

This Adaptogenic herb product also helps, as adaptogens help the body deal with stress better.  Then we don’t get so run down and reactive to the world.  These herbs are very premium quality – much better than regular store-bought herbs sold by these names.  Herbs have quality differences, just like pasture-raised meat vs. feedlot meat!  Quality counts!

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