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High-Fat Diets Effectively Treat Absence Epilepsy

Two high-fat diets the classic ketogenic and a modified version of the Atkins can reduce and, in some cases, completely eliminate seizures in children with a common seizure disorder known as absence epilepsy, say researchers from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Their report, published online December 27 in the Journal of Child …

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Brain thinks yo-yo dieting is a famine, causing weight gain Medical News Today

Repeated dieting may lead to weight gain because the brain interprets the diets as short famines and urges the person to store more fat for future shortages, new research by the universities of Exeter and Bristol suggests. This may explain why people who try low-calorie diets often overeat when not …

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The Ketogenic Diet Might Be the Next Big Weight Loss Trend, But Should You Try It?

Google has released the top search terms of 2016, and when it comes to weight loss, it turns out folks were especially drawn to the ketogenic diet. It was one of the 10 most-searched diets this year, landing halfway down the list (just a few notches below the taco cleanse!). But if you weren’t among the keto-curious in the …

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