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Common Complications After Surgery.Nobody Tells You About Bariatric Surgery

Even though it’s planned and well-intentioned, the basic fact is that when you have bariatric surgery, someone is cutting through your skin and tinkering with your insides. Your body is going to react to that, just like it does when you accidentally cut or bump yourself.

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Often, your doctor can give you an idea of what to expect afterward. Sometimes there will be complications, too — things that aren’t a normal part of the healing process. While the most common ones aren’t usually serious, some, like blood clots, can become dangerous. And they’ll slow your recovery.

Pay attention to what’s happening to your body and how you feel in the days and weeks after your bariatric surgery. If you’re concerned or something seems “off,” call your doctor.


Nearly everyone has some pain after surgery. How much will depend on what type of procedure you’ve had and how healthy you were before you went into the operating room.

Many procedures now are less “invasive” — in the end, it hurts less and you recover faster. And there are plenty of options for managing your pain. Don’t tough it out. Talk to your doctor before your surgery about your options and what’s best for you.

When your pain is well-controlled, you’ll be more willing to move again, and that’s key to getting back to your daily routine. You’ll also be also less likely to have complications like blood clots or pneumonia.

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