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Healing Multiple Sclerosis with Food


Can you heal multiple sclerosis with food? Well, this doctor did. (I use the words, “heal”  in the sense that she no longer has the symptoms of said disease). (Update: A reader alerted me that Dr. Wahls feels that it will take more time to completely reverse her MS, so she prefers to say that she is “reversing” her MS. Thanks, Eileen, for that update!

You know from my writing that I don’t try to push any very specific diet recommendations for the general populace, other than eating a nourishing, whole food, based diet. I think that what works the very best for us and our bodies can vary greatly. My influences for how I cook have been from Dr. Price (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr. Gonzalez (a doctor who treats cancer naturally, interviewed in Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer–And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place), Julia Ross (The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure) among others.

But I also think that it is worth sharing specific people who used specific diets to find healing for themselves. These types of stories are so inspiring and helpful.

So, let me introduce you to Dr. Terry Wahls. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, she pursued the very best conventional help to be had for this incurable disease with little success. In 2007 She found herself in a wheelchair, losing hope.

But she wasn’t willing to give up. She started researching what nutrients could make a difference in helping protect her brain and body from the devastating effects of MS. She started taking supplements, but then she realized that food is a living thing that can’t be reproduced in a lab easily. We don’t know all of the substances, the undiscovered elements that make food healing. So she decided to work up a diet for herself that would incorporate the vitamins and minerals she needed to help fight against her disease.

She basically started with a hunter/gatherer diet, and tweaked it to her needs. Everyday she consumes…
3 cups of green leafy vegetables (such as kale), 3 cups of sulfur rich vegetables (found in the cabbage and onion families, mushrooms and asparagus), and 3 cups of brightly colored vegetables.

She gets protein from grassfed meats, organ meats (once a week), wild fish, and also eats seaweed once a week for iodine.

Within a month of this diet, she was experiencing change for the better. In five months she got on a bike and pedaled around the block. Yes, the lady in a wheelchair was riding a bike. Her success was incredibly rapid, and the photos she shows of herself in the following TEDtalk are very moving as you see her go from being almost completely immobile to active and well.

When I first watched this clip, I immediately thought of Julia Ross’s books, The Diet Cure
and The Mood Cure, which mirror some of these recommendations, such as eating a high amount of produce, and plenty of protein. Julia has had amazing results in helping people not only lose weight, but also overcome a variety of health issues, including depression, as well as overcome severe addictions. But Dr. Wahls also includes some of the elements that Dr. Price thought important, such as organ meats.

The power of food to heal is simply amazing. Watch this clip for a gripping story that demonstrates that well.

Since this video was filmed, she has also started working on a book based on her protocol and has a website devoted to her story, and her further research here.  Now there are others who can say that her protocol helped them as well.

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