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How People Who Have PTSD Think Differently

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Having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder changes a person, not only the way they think, but also the way they act and how they love. It can be challenging, most of the time with PTSD a few other things come along such as anxiety, depression and panic which can change a lot about how a person sees the world and other people.

We are constantly waiting for the next bad thing to happen

stress and anxiety can be a triumph in itself, for us it changes something in our brain that can’t drop the feeling that something and really anything is about to happen

We tend to push those close to us away

most of the time this is never intentional but something in our unconscience knows how much the burden of it already is and we dont burden others but that can also come out as withdrawling ourselves from people

We love differently 

alot of this has to do with getting to close and then losing a person close to us and not being able to trust in our capability to

We work hard to have good days to counteract the terrible days

 it becomes a constant battle to be able to learn how to manage how our lives have changed and manage the way we are able to handle it when or if we get flashbacks

We tend to get easily defensive and put up walls

Our thought process changes and in some moments, if we experience a trigger, when others may seem attacking we get into a flight or fight response.

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