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PCOS Supplements

Below are some PCOS supplement names and their potential effects, as always check with your Dr. about what supplements work for your particular needs:


D-chiro-inositol– You can take myo-inositol in conjunction, but it looks like D-Chiro has some great effects! Shown to help regulate insulin, help with ovulation and menstruation. I’ve read a bunch of posts about women finally getting their aunt flow and losing weight almost instantly.

B Vitamins incl. Folic Acid -The vitamin B family offers a multitude of benefits! We’re talking weight control, cancer prevention, regulate glucose levels, and thyroid and hormone regulation. Natural vitamin B is found in poultry, eggs, fruits & veggies, leafy greens, beans, and whole grains.

Folic acid (folate) helps your brain function, helps prevent cancer, reduce risk of high blood pressure,  and helps aide in healthy reproduction. You can get these via supplement or eating leafy greens, lentils, and beans.

Omega 3-6-9– Omegas are extremely important for brain functionality and overall health. If you eat Walnuts and other natural forms of omegas then you can get away with taking only an Omega 3. I have allergies and cannot eat nuts or seeds, and therefore have to take an Omega 3-6-9. Omegas and Walnuts are currently being tested and have been successful in alleviating PCOS symptoms. Read about the PCOS Walnut Study.

Chelated Chromium– Helps control insulin levels! PCOS sufferers usually have crazy insulin levels which wreak havoc on our weight, appetite and fertility.

DHEA– Our natural DHEA declines as we age and a supplement to replenish this natural decline can help with weight loss, hormone regulation, fertility and moods. Read DHEA for PCOS post here.

Maca Root– Helps relieve the symptoms of PCOS like fatigue, low sex drive, and mood swings.

Cinnamon (Ceylon)– Helps regulate blood sugar levels, which in turn helps with other PCOS symptoms.

DIM– Helps balance hormones, reduces acne, break down Estrogen, and helps with weight loss. You can get this naturally through eating about 2 pounds of leafy greens a day! I think the supplement version is much easier.

Vitex– If you don’t have a regular period, then this might do the trick! It helps with progesterone levels.

Resveratrol– Enhances ovarian health, helps prevent cancer, and helps prevent insulin resistance. Naturally found in the skin of red grapes.

Probiotics– The higher the CFU the better, aim for a supplement that has at least 5 billion CFU.

There are tons of other supplements, some have mixed reviews and some are not recommended by Dr’s. I have omitted those supplements. Let me know of what supplements & herbs work for you!


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