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Restart your Body and Reduce Fibromyalgia Symptoms with an Invigorating Cleanse

Restarting your body is a great way to give your immune system a chance to increase its fight against fibromyalgia symptoms. By doing a cleanse you can release toxins from your body and increase your ability to fight the day to day symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

Your digestive system is where your body holds the toxins as it tries to release them from your body, by doing a cleanse you are just expediting the process for your body. A cleanse offers a way for your body to quickly and more efficiently get rid of the toxic material in your digestive system so you can replace those cells with nutrition and energy.

What is a Digestive System Cleanse?

A cleanse is the process of riding your digestive system of the toxins that are currently held in there. This includes cleaning out the bowel, kidneys and liver with a diet rich in nutrients. A cleanse has the ability to rapidly rid your body of toxins, this process allows you to restart your immune system and digestive systems with a clean slate.

There are a variety of cleanses available, some of which will involve taking additional vitamins, or juicing vegetables. A digestive system cleanse should not be started without first consulting your doctor as it can be dangerous if you have certain medical conditions.

How Removing Toxins Helps?

For people suffering with fibromyalgia, removing toxins from the digestive system can help decrease muscle stiffness and pain. When your body is full of toxins, much of your day to day efforts are spent in trying to rid your body of toxins and not much time is left to reduce inflammation and pain.

As you rapidly increase your intake of positive elements through a vegetable juice cleanse, for example, your body no longer has to spend energy on toxic cleanup. Instead your toxins are washed away in your digestive track through the cleanse. Removing these toxins releases your cells to fill up with the positive ingredients from your cleanse, such as the vitamins and minerals in your vegetable juices. Drinking plenty of water during the cleanse will also aid in removing the toxins quickly.

Fibromyalgia and Cleanses

Autoimmune System and Cleanses

The autoimmune system is in charge of a lot and patients with fibromyalgia often feel like the autoimmune system is working overtime. Doing a cleanse gives your system the chance to reboot, to relax and to reset itself for a new fight. A digestive system cleanse will rid your body of toxins that have built up over years. With the toxins removed, your autoimmune system will not have to work so hard. Many people believe fibromyalgia symptoms decrease instantly when the autoimmune system is given the chance to relax, like while doing a cleanse.

Types of Cleanses

There are hundreds of types of cleanses available with some having strict guidelines and others very loose guidelines. The main cleanses that are used are vegetable or juice cleanses and chemical cleanses. The juice cleanse involves juicing fresh vegetables and fruits to infuse your body with a massive amount of pure nutrition. It is recommended to not eat or drink anything else during a juice cleanse to allow your body to concentrate on ridding itself of toxins. Juicing cleanses are typically done for 3 to 10 days, but some people have done them for much longer periods.

Another type of cleanse is a chemical cleanse. With this type of cleanse the person ingests pills, herbs and other natural products to induce the body to release the toxins. This type of cleanse is usually done in conjunction with a specific eating plan, such as only eating vegetables. Some people also do an enema, or colon cleanse, with a chemical cleanse to help rid the toxins from the body.

Preparation for a Cleanse

It is important to reduce your intake of toxic products before you begin your cleanse. Some items you should reduce, and potentially eliminate from your diet, include; sugar, soda, caffeine, alcohol, and saturated fats. If you reduce your intake of these items before you start your cleans, you will suffer less side effects once the cleanse has started.

Caffeine and sugar are powerful ingredients in many people’s diets which when stopped abruptly can cause headaches, nausea and other physical discomforts. You can also change your diet to a plant based diet with salads and other light food items before you start a cleanse to prepare your digestive system.

Side Effects from a Cleanse

The most common side effects from a clean are headache, constipation, upset stomach and agitation. As your body works to rid itself of the toxins in your body, it can go through withdrawals from those substances. Preparing your diet before you start a cleanse can reduce these side effects and make you feel better throughout the cleansing process.

Some people may also have feelings of shakiness or dizziness while going through a cleanse. If you are having side effects it is important to discuss them with your doctor, low sodium is a common problem with a cleanse and needs to be treated right away. Before starting your cleanse, work out a system with your doctor so you can be monitored throughout the cleanse with blood test and checkups as needed.

Fibromyalgia is an ongoing illness that can leave people struggling to fight against the pain and soreness throughout their body. Using a cleanse is the perfect way to reinvigorate the body so it is better able to fight the fibromyalgia. There are a variety of cleanses available although vegetable juice cleansing is a widely popular cleanse.

Use your cleanse to reset your system and give your body a chance to start fresh. You will notice an increase in energy and clarity as your body finally gets rid of all the toxins being held in the digestive system. For all people, it is essential to discuss your cleanse with your doctor before getting started. Your doctor can give you insights into what will be safe for you to do and what you should avoid when it comes to cleanses.

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