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The Best Ways to Eat.Diet and Weight Loss

Low carb, or low fat? Should you go Atkins, Zone or Paleo? Or does it even matter which diet you choose when you want to lose weight? Most weight loss experts say that shedding pounds comes down to a simple formula: calories in versus calories out. In other words, if …

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Lose Weight Smartly: 7 Little Known Tricks that Shave Pounds

Dangerous crash diets may lead to short-term weight loss, but dropping extra pounds for the long haul can be trickier. Attaining a new shape does mean adhering to some old advice small, steady changes in eating and exercise habits are still the best predictors of lasting weight loss, experts say. …

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7 Weight Loss Smoothies Nutritionists Swear By

These tasty smoothies can beat bloat, help you lose weight, and keep hunger pangs in check. Banana. Peanut butter. Cocoa powder. Milk. Ice cubes. Yogurt. Done. While this swirl of chocolate-peanut butter goodness sure does sound enticing, who are we kidding: Sometimes our DIY smoothies might as well be a …

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Expert Recommended Diet Tips To Follow After a Bariatric Surgery

Here is what your stomach can actually take in post a weight loss surgery. A bariatric surgery becomes the last resort for people who are extremely obese with a BMI 32.5 or above and when all other methods of weight loss have failed to yield results. However, while this surgery promises …

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The 7 worst things you can do if you're trying to Lose Weight

There are tons of misconceptions surrounding weight loss methods. Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes. HERE’S THE PROBLEM with diets: More often than not, they’re too hard or unhealthy to sustain in the long run, and too frequently they end in weight gain—a fraction of what you lost; or …

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