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The Top 10 Alarming Factors That You Are At Risk Of M.S.(Multiple Sclerosis)

A Monster 10 Special Report!

 Are you at risk for MS? Unfortunately the numbers are growing and you may have it or more prone to obtaining this debilitating disease.  Find out in this Monster 10 Special Report!

10 – Your Ethnicity.

“MS is more common in white northern European Ancestry.…. !”


9 – When You Were Born.

“ If your mother had you in the winter you are at greater risk for Multiple Sclerosis.…. !”


8 – Your Vitamin D Levels.

“Vitamin D deficiency is a common trait found in people who have Multiple Sclerosis …. !”



7 –   You Have Had The Mono Epstein Bar Virus.

“ If you have had Mono you are more prone for The Multiple Sclerosis disease. !”


6 – Your Age.

“ You are more likely to occur Multiple Sclerosis between the ages between 20 to 50 years.…… !”

5 – Moving In Your Youth.

“Multiple Sclerosis has been proven to change to match your homeland.  If you move before the age of 12 to 15 you are more prone to MS…… !”


4 – Where You Live.

“If you live in certain parts of North America, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland you are at a higher risk of MS.…… !”


3 – Your Smoking Status.

“Smokers and Ex Smokers are more likely to be diagnosed with MS then people who have never smoked..…… !”


2 – Your Family Tree.

“If your Mom has MS than you have a 5% risk of contracting the disease.  If your dad had it you have more of a chance as a daughter than if you were born a son.…… !”



And The Number 1 Alarming Factor That You Are At Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis Is ………………


Monster growl please …………..


1 – Your Gender!

DING DING, DING, Even though Montel Williams and other celebrities have shown to have Multiple Sclerosis but truthfully MS mostly affects women. ”!.


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