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Weight Loss Secrets For PCOS

At Last!
The REAL Truth About How To Lose Fat Permanently When You Have PCOS!

Here Are 5 Secrets To Successful Weight Loss That
Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About…

Dear PCOS Sufferer,

If you’ve been searching for the answers to your weight loss struggle, looking for a way out of the vicious cycle of PCOS that stops you from achieving your ideal weight, then this report couod be the most important thing you read today!

Let me explain….

As a  PCOS survivor myself, I know exactly what you’re going through. You see, several years ago I was in the same position you are in, trying everything to lose weight but getting nowhere. Life with PCOS can be pretty frustrating! But thankfully, I found a way out, and I want to share my solution with you so that you too may experience the results that I have achieved!

Fat Loss Secret #1 ~ Eat More Often!

This sounds strange, but believe me it works! By eating more frequently, your metabolism is kicked into gear, your blood sugar levels stay steady, and sugar cravings reduce.  The secret is not to eat ‘more’, but to spread your food intake out more throughout the day. For example, instead of having a huge sandwhich at lunch, have half at lunch, and the other half two hours later.

Fat Loss Secret #5 ~ Avoid Artificial Sweeteners!

Do you ever drink diet drinks thinking they will help you lose weight? WRONG! There is no evidence to suggest that drinking diet drinks helps you lose more weight, in fact, certain artificial sweeteners have been shown to actually SLOW your fat loss and may even contribute to weight gain!

Fat Loss Secret #8 ~ Take Vitamins!

But not just any vitamins, you need to take a high quality formula containing natural sourced vitamins & minerals. Your vitamin supplement should contain at least 25-50mcg of elemental chromium. Chromium helps sugar to be used for energy, preventing blood sugar fluctuations that leave you craving sweets. Your supplement should also be high in B vitamins which are used to metabolise carbohydrates. In addition, taking a supplement of magnesium can help with weight loss for PCOS, because it helps to manage insulin resistance, one of the core problems in women with PCOS.

As you will discover, losing weight is more than just eating less and exercising more. When you have the right knowledge, losing body fat when you have PCOS is easy! Once I incorpoarted a combination of strategies, it was like a fat burning switch had been turned on inside and I was able to easily reach my ideal weight, and have stayed this way for years!

Fat Loss Secret #9 ~ Eat or Supplement With Friendly Fats!

You may have been told to eat less fat, and although it is important to reduce your intake of certain fatty foods, people who focus only on low fat diets don’t lose any more weight than people who don’t! You see, some fats are essential parts of our diet, and if you don’t get enough, your metabolism and overall health will suffer. You need to have a high intake of omega-3 fats from oily fish or pure fish oil supplements. These fats actually boost your metabolism by creating heat energy. In addition to fish oils, sesame oil can assist in boosting metabolism as well.

Fat Loss Secret #12 ~ Don’t Just Exercise, Exercise The RIGHT Way!

Another thing you may have been told is to exercise regularly, but what exactly does this mean? There was a time when I was exercising 5 times a week and not getting anywhere. You need to exercise smarter, not harder. For example, exercising for 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes will double the benefits, you don’t need to slog it out for an hour. You also need to focus more on ‘resistance exercise’ which builds muscle. Building muscle actually allows your body to burn more fat, even when you are asleep. It also reduces insulin resistance, and increases SHBG, a hormone binding protein that is often low in PCOS. The good news is, I have worked out a simple and effective resistance exercise regime that only takes 10 minutes a day. This is what has helped me to keep the weight off.

Your body wants to be slim! when given the right ‘tools’ your body can achieve an ideal composition and keep it that way!

*** You may have noticed that the 5 secrets above are not numbered 1 to 5…. this is because they are taken from a collection of 20 fat loss strategies I have developed from my own experience and professional research.

These strategies I call the ’20 Steps To Super Weight Loss’, and they have been formulated specifically with PCOS in mind. By following each of the 20 steps, you will be able to:

You have the opportunity to access these proven strategies instantly in a downloadable ebook.. I have written the ebook in an easy to read way, so you can either read it all on your lunch break and get started right away, or read one Super Step each day to help you gradually incorporate the strategies into your life.

Along with the 20 Steps To Super Weight Loss ebook, I am including a bonus 4 Week Kickstart Exercise Program to follow, with a chart to track your routine. The solution to losing weight with PCOS is all laid out for you in this ebook.

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