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Why We Need To Talk About Bipolar Disorder , Depression , Anxiety

You would be surprised to know how many people battle mental illness, and some people don’t acknowledge or know they have it. Mental Illness ranges from anxiety, to depression, to bipolar disorder, to many others.

So many people don’t talk about their mental illness disorder for 1 reason, the stigma. It’s crazy how many judgmental people are out there trying to bring others down. I never realized the stigma mental illness has until this year. It was then, when I told myself, “I will work towards ending this stigma.” There’s a reason why these judgmental people are so quick to judge and bash you. They are uneducated. They may be so uneducated that they may even battle mental illness and are too stubborn to acknowledge it.

I have faced a few nasty people in my life, and a few have made comments about me when I was going through my depression. At first, I was very hurt and asked myself “why me?” Now, I thank them. I thank my haters for making me stronger, and without them, I wouldn’t know how to deal with negative people and tough times. Most importantly, it showed me how much I needed to start appreciating things more and stop taking life for granted.  I have an amazing family and group of friends.

When going through depression or having an anxiety attack, it’s very common to be told “you’re being dramatic right now” or “you’re just looking for attention” is another popular one. If more people talked about their mental illness, then more people would be educated. They would know that you are not being dramatic or looking for attention. By talking about it, you can also help others. When I decided I would talk about my battle, I had more people than I ever expected reach out to me, thanking me, telling me that they too are battling. That only made me more motivated,and I promised myself I wouldn’t stop talking about it, nor would I allow my mental illness define me. So, let’s talk about it and team up to end the stigma!

“It’s just so bizarre in this world; if you have asthma, you take asthma medicine. If you have diabetes, you take diabetes medicine, but as soon as you have to take medication for your mind it’s… there’s such a stigma behind it”

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